We are professionals who have operated websites for more than twenty (20) years in the United States.  With so many virtual real estate opportunities to develop, we are considering partnerships with like-minded visionaries.  If you are entrepreneurial and interested in playing a role in a site’s development, we are willing to explore the possibilities.  We are flexible with respect to the legal structure, operational control, financial arrangements, and additional equity or financial partners.  If there is mutual interest after initial discussions, confidentiality agreements are required.  Rest assured that all communications are held in strict confidence.

You are here because you understand the value of brandable keyword domain names.  Each quality generic Dot-Com can become a long term profitable enterprise.  The startup businesses are based upon multiple factors including anticipated technological advances, consumer demand, industry, estimated costs, earning potential, competition, and guerilla marketing.   The business models will evolve as new technologies enhance capabilities, lower cost and satisfy demand.

We are hyper aware that while our cutting edge businesses can disrupt they can also be disrupted, factors in the risk/reward trade-off.  If you are not into Internet technology, do not understand Generation Z and Millennials or are unwilling to change a business plan in a timely fashion, this is not for you.  On the other hand, if you are serious about digital real estate we may be worth a look.

As consumers shift to online, premium Dot-Coms are rising in value because they bring instant credibility thereby increasing click-through rates and revenue generation.  Further, it is important to recognize that the U.S. Supreme Court held “generic.com” businesses are eligible for trademark protection in United States Patent and Trademark Office v. Booking.com B.V., 140 S. Ct. 2298 (2020).  The court found that Booking.com is not generic; that a “generic.com” term can be eligible for federal trademark registration upon a showing of acquired distinctiveness.  Our “generic.com” brands have the same opportunity to benefit from trademark protection earned over time by showing they have the requisite distinctiveness as perceived by consumers.  Based upon increasing Internet usage, higher click-through performance and trademark potential, the upward price trajectory for generic Dot-Coms continues to accelerate.  The Booking.com case has changed the calculus for the development of brandable generic keyword businesses.

Next step.  Consider your role.  We have worked with quality website development companies and have access to talented crews and state-of-the art facilities for media production.  We can discuss the feasibility of your company performing these functions or providing other services under contract.  In addition, we welcome those who wish to rebrand or expand their existing business.  For investors who desire control we could negotiate a deal wherein we receive cash and an equity stake.


We never believed the sky’s the limit.